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Reliable Heating Repair in Melbourne, FL and the Surrounding Areas

Turtley Awesome Van

Reliable Heating Repair in Melbourne, FL and the Surrounding Areas

Turtley Awesome Van

With their ability to heat and cool a space, heat pumps may be kept running nonstop. Over time, the constant use can put a strain on the equipment. On the other hand, heaters around Melbourne, FL and the nearby areas can sit unused for months before they’re needed. Given the long downtimes, it’s no surprise not all of them come back at peak strength.


At Turtley Awesome, we have technicians specializing in residential heating repairs, including heat pumps and furnaces.

Know the Warning Signs

Heat pumps are an excellent option in Melbourne, FL, and the surrounding areas. They provide powerful cooling in the summer, comfortable heat in the winter, and wouldn’t send your electric bill skyrocketing.

However, homeowners may miss out on all of these benefits if their heat pump breaks down. While this type of heating equipment is made robust, they aren’t indestructible. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to call in a Turtley Awesome expert.

  • Ice forms on your heat pump’s coils.
  • Your heat pumps coils are designed to frost over from time to time. If a large block of ice forms on yours, though, it’s a sign something has gone wrong.

  • Your unit frequently cycles on and off.Heat pumps are supposed to turn themselves on and off so they’re not wasting energy. However, short cycling when it constantly turns itself on and off is a sign something is malfunctioning with your unit.

  • Your heat pump won’t heat or cool.This one may be obvious, but it’s still a serious problem. Our technicians can fix your unit in a snap, whether it’s a stuck valve or a coolant issue.

Many other things can go wrong with your heat pump. If you think the equipment isn’t like how it used to be, call our techs immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Leaving a heat pump issue unfixed for too long may result in more costly equipment damage.
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While our company cannot boast years of experience in the industry yet, our technicians can! The heating specialists we deploy to handle your repair needs have been in this profession for many years. They are licensed and certified, so you can have peace of mind knowing they have what it takes to fix your heating system. Plus, our team has this burning passion for delivering the best HVAC services in Melbourne, FL.

We equip our technicians with all the necessary tools and knowledge to complete each repair job quickly and properly. Our team also values your time; we’ll get the job done right within a set time frame. You won’t have to wait to shiver in the cold with us.


It’s already frustrating when your heater gives you the cold shoulder. At Turtley Awesome, we don’t want to make the process of finding and hiring a heating repair company in Melbourne, FL and the nearby areas as frustrating.

We have technicians who wait for your calls. So when you drop us a line, you get a prompt response. Even after business hours, you can reach out to our team. Your comfort shouldn’t wait.

Turtley Awesome certified technicians are just a call away. Our team can handle any heating repair job in or around Melbourne, FL. To get in touch, dial 321–890–2000 or use the message tool on our website.

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Installing a great new heat pump or ductless mini split can be a major improvement, but it comes at a price.
We offer financing deals to help you break down steep bills into manageable payments.