Welcome friends old and new to the Turtley Awesome website. Faithful customers have noticed by now we’ve rebranded our company, and we’re Turtley in love with our new look.

We felt compelled to make the change for a couple of reasons. We strongly believe our unique, playful name will help us stand apart from the competition, making us more memorable to potential customers. This is vital to our success as a young business entering a market with established companies.

But just because we’re embracing a new mascot and turtle puns doesn’t mean we’re Turtley abandoning what’s made us a success. Customers around Melbourne, FL, have come to know us for our 5-star service, our deep well of knowledge and experience and our friendly technicians. That is part of our core identity, and we’re not about to change that. We’re still the same reliable, locally owned business that wants to resolve all your duct and AC needs.Along with a fun new name, we’ve Turtley upgraded our website. Our new online digs better explains our full array of services and makes it easier to learn about us. We now have dedicated pages for our maintenance plans, our customer reviews and our service area, among others.

The new site also highlights services we previously offered but didn’t advertise well enough—duct cleaning chief among them. Thanks in part to the high humidity along the Space Coast, many of our customers battle with mildew and mold in their vents. Our duct cleaning services can clean and sanitize the ducts that keep air circulating through your home, ensuring you the high air quality you expect inside your home.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many of our clients have been searching for a way to better cool sections of their homes that don’t support central air. We offer a great solution in ductless mini-splits. These quiet, efficient units are perfect for spaces like Florida rooms where air ducts won’t work but you don’t want to ruin the view with a window AC.

As we continue to grow, we’ll use this blog as a source of helpful information about Turtley Awesome. You might find tips about keeping your AC running well, the importance of routine dryer vent cleanings or about our latest discounts and savings.We’re Turtley Grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to assisting you with all your HVAC needs. If you’d like to speak with one of our helpful employees, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the site’s online form or by calling us at


  • Michael King

    Michael King, the founder of Turtley Awesome, brings over three decades of experience in the heating and cooling industry to Brevard County, FL. Though the company itself is new to the Space Coast, Michael's dedication to exceptional HVAC service has been honed over years of serving customers across the South. Michael's commitment goes beyond just technical expertise. He believes in upfront communication and honest pricing, avoiding surprise charges and ensuring transparency throughout the service process. Recognizing that home maintenance can be a burden on wallets, Michael has implemented solutions like coupons, financing options, and maintenance plans to empower customers with better budgeting and planning for their home's needs. Michael's leadership has quickly garnered a positive reputation for Turtley Awesome in the Melbourne area. Fueled by consistently rave reviews, Michael strives to ensure Turtley Awesome remains synonymous with reliable and exceptional HVAC service.

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