Duct Work Replacement

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Duct Work Replacement

Turtley Awesome Van

Is your energy bill outpacing your utility rate? It could be a sign that your home is in need of duct replacements. As homes grow older, the seals in the duct work begin to fail, allowing air to leak out. As a result, your AC or heat pump needs to work harder to cool the entirety of your home.

AC duct replacements aren’t just reserved for old homes. Contractors have been known to cut corners on new construction and install ducts that are the wrong size for the home. Ducts that are too small will limit the amount of air circulating through your HVAC system, cutting your air conditioner’s cooling power.


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Our Turtley knowledgeable technicians can visit your home to determine if a duct replacement could help your HVAC system function better. Our friendly, professional staff will inspect your HVAC system in its entirety and rule out other issues that could be preventing your system from working at full force, such as blockages, busted thermostats or an aging air conditioner. Once we’re done, we’ll present our findings and advise you on the best path forward.

For the best HVAC service around Indialantic Beach, FL, there’s just one group to call. Our Turtley Awesome staff’s professionalism and skills are unmatched and we won’t quit until you’re satisfied with our work. To schedule an appointment, visit our website or call us at 321–890–2000.

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