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While heaters and air conditioner are critical elements of your HVAC unit, they’re not the only parts you need to maintain.

Central air ducts and dryer ducts are critical to how your home functions. Our Turtley reliable technicians clear trouble from ducts around Vero Beach, FL, so your daily routine won’t be interrupted.

Duct Cleaning

Central air ducts are both a blessing and a major curse to your HVAC system. If pollutants take root there, mold, allergens and bacteria can be dispersed throughout your home. Our experts can clear all that filth out of your ducts so it won’t wind up in your lungs.

duct cleaning


Sometimes, cleaning your ducts isn’t enough. If they’re damaged, it can prevent your entire HVAC system from functioning properly. If they were installed incorrectly, it could mean your system is laboring without much to show for it. Whatever the reason, the Turtley Awesome team can remove your old ducts and install new ones that perfectly fit your needs.


Everyone knows the importance of cleaning their lint trap while doing their laundry, but how often do you keep up with your dryer vent? While the lint trap does a good job catching most of it, tiny bits of string, fuzz and cloth get through the filter after every load.

We have the tools to quickly clean up the lint that sticks in your dryer vent, keeping your machine running smoothly and reducing the risk of fire.

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