When owning an air conditioner, it’s important that you understand the repair costs involved. It is also important to understand that there are some things that you should and should not attempt to repair when it comes to DIY AC repair.

Air Conditioner Repairs You Can Attempt

If you are having issues with your AC, there are a few things that you can attempt when you notice the unit is not running or if the amount of cool air is insufficient.

Inspect the Circuit Breaker

When you notice the AC not turning on when it should, the first thing to inspect should be the circuit breaker. The reason is that the breaker may have tripped due to more than one appliance being powered simultaneously. To correct this, flip the breaker in the box, and the AC unit should turn on normally.

Check your Thermostat

When you have issues with your thermostat, the repair costs could easily cost hundreds of dollars. However, if your thermostat is battery-operated, it could need a battery replacement. You must call a professional if the thermostat does not operate after replacing the batteries.

Replace Air Filters

Many of the repairs that take place with an air conditioner can be avoided by replacing the air filter. When your filter is clogged or has a dirt buildup, it can easily and quickly obstruct the airflow throughout your system. This will ultimately decrease the AC unit’s cooling capabilities. When an air filter is not changed out regularly, the entire AC may ice up.

Defrost your AC

When your AC ices up, it won’t be able to cool efficiently. This will require you to defrost your AC by running the fan with the system turned off. You can also have the ice melt with the AC unit turned off.

Clean the AC Unit

Sometimes the AC unit may just need a good cleaning without needing repair. By maintaining a clean AC unit, you’ll avoid many repairs. You can clean a few items, including the fan blades, and wipe the interior well. You can also wipe the condenser fins. When cleaning the fins and blades, be sure not to bend them so they don’t break.

DIY AC Repairs You Should Avoid

Being a complex unit, the AC may present times when it is better to have an AC specialist conduct repairs instead of doing it yourself. Below are a few repairs you should avoid.

Refrigerant Replacement

Normally, the refrigerant should be replaced by an AC specialist because it will be due to a bigger issue, such as a leak. For the refrigerant to be replaced, the leak must be repaired first. A professional best accomplishes this repair.

You Smell Burning Electrical or Insulation

Your outside AC unit containing the condenser may occasionally have smells coming from it. However, it may be the insulation or electrical wiring when it’s a strong burning smell. You should turn your AC unit off and call a professional.

Uneven Cooling of the Home

If uneven cooling occurs within the home, there could be many different causes for it. Some underlying problems may occur with the unit’s air distribution, which may be causing areas in your home to be at different temperatures. Having an AC specialist conduct the repair will allow them to use their experience to discover possibilities.

The AC Vents Smell Musty

When the AC vents have a musty smell, mold can grow within them. Besides the vents smelling bad, your health may be at risk by breathing in possible mold spores. The mold could be located in many places within the air conditioner, so it is best to have a specialist make a visual inspection and remove the mold completely.

Noises Coming from the Condenser

When you hear unusual noises that you know should not be coming from the condenser, it will be time to call a pro. While the condenser fan will make a slight sound, it will not be significant enough to worry about. The noises to be aware of could include grinding or screeching sounds and should be investigated by an AC specialist as soon as possible.

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