Are you tired of dealing with the limitations and inefficiencies of your old air conditioning system? It may be time to consider an upgrade to a ductless mini split. Technological advancements have made ductless mini splits a popular and practical alternative to traditional AC systems. This guide will explore the numerous benefits of replacing your old AC system with a ductless mini-split. From improved energy efficiency to enhanced comfort and flexibility, discover why upgrading to a ductless mini split is a smart choice for your cooling needs. Say goodbye to your old system’s constraints and embrace modern cooling technology’s advantages.

1. Ductless Mini Splits Provide Single or Multi-Zone Conditioning

A ductless mini-split system comprises a condenser unit outside and an air-handling unit inside the home. The system is also available as either single or multi-zone, which will depend on the cooling and heating needs of the home. 

Single-zone mini splits are only connected to a single indoor unit that cools a single space. The multi-zone is made up of multiple units that are connected to cool multiple spaces within the home.

For the single-zone, the temperature can be controlled from within the same room as the unit. They are great for homes that have multi-levels or single spaces. For multi-zones, the temperature can be controlled in individual zones without impacting other spaces. The ductless mini split is perfect for homes that have many rooms and floors and can keep consistent temperatures.

If your home currently has central air, it can also have a ductless mini split added to provide supplemented air conditioning. This flexibility makes the mini split systems appealing to homeowners who plan to replace their current central air.

2. Ductless Mini Splits Provide Efficiency

Having a ductless mini-split means you have an efficient air conditioning system. An older AC system may lose energy as it circulates, creating waste. Having a mini split eliminates the waste produced by the traditional ducted AC. This leads to energy savings and lower bills. You can also program cycles with the mini split so that the amount of energy used is better managed.

3. Mini Splits are Versatile

Your ductless mini split will provide a great amount of versatility as compared to traditional AC units. They can provide both cooling and heating, which comes in handy during the cold winter and hot summers. The ductless mini-split can also be used as a purifier and air filter. Besides keeping your home heated or cooled, they also enhance indoor air quality by eliminating allergens, debris, moisture, and dust.

4. Can Include Smart Technology

The ductless mini split can incorporate smart technology to enhance your home’s cooling and heating. This is possible by completely controlling the mini-split system via an app and Wi-Fi connection. You can also control your thermostat if it is a smart thermostat. Having this technology allows for better control and provides additional information concerning humidity. Sensors may also be installed so that the unit kicks on once a space is occupied and automatically turns off once the space is empty again.

5. The Ductless Mini Split Is Cost-Effective

You will save a lot of money with a ductless mini split as opposed to your old AC unit. The average AC unit can be as much as $3,000, while the average ductless mini split can be as low as $1,300. Although these amounts are only average, they will depend upon the unit’s size, brand, and number of units. A ductless mini split will easily be offset due to the energy savings they provide.

6. Ductless Mini Splits Are Easily Installed and Maintained

When you choose a ductless mini split, it will be installed and maintained quite easily. While the ducting installation may be extensive, the ductless mini split is installed half the time because there is no need for ducting. Despite this, it is a good idea to install the ductless mini split professionally to avoid any possible performance issues and voiding of any warranty.

Most old AC units may require constant repair and more involved maintenance, while the mini split may only need its filter changed a couple of times a year and a good yearly cleaning.

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